Search Examples

Search Query Description
[None] If no search query is provided the system will return the entire collection of licks without any filtering or sorting. Those will be thousands of licks for treble and bass clef DB sections and hundreds of licks for guitar.
3/4 Will return all licks for 3/4 time signature. Randomly sorted.
| F7 | Bbm7 | Shows licks containing | F7 | Bbm7 | chord progression. Search query is case insensitive, so this is effectivelly the same as the | f7 | bbm7 | query. Time signature in this case is not specified, so the result will contain licks for all available time signatures (3/4 and 4/4 in this case).
4/4 | Dm7 | G7 | Cmaj | Shows major 2-5-1 licks in C major for 4/4 time signature. Licks that start with the specified chord progression they will be shown first. Those licks, which just contain the requested chord progression somewhere in the middle will be shown at the end of the results.
Major 2 5 1 This is identical to the previous example and will display licks over 4/4 | Dm7 | G7 | Cmaj | chord progression. CAUTION! At the moment query parsing is sub-optimal and will not recognize "major ii-v-i". Please use autocomplete to make sure your input is understood.
Major 2 5 1 Eb The query will fetch major 2-5-1 licks in the key of Eb major.
All The Things You Are The result will be licks played over the first few chords of "All The Things You Are" in the concert key of Ab major.
All The Things You Are Bb Same as the previous one transposed into the key of Bb major.
All The Things You Are Gm The system understands parallel keys, so that you can use either major or minor key at your convenience. This specific query gives the same result as the previous example: "All The Things You Are" licks in the key of Bb major.
on the sunny side of the street The search is case insensitive, so every example above will work if typed in either lower or upper case. E.g. instead of "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" it's fine to just type in "on the sunny side of the street" to get exact the same results.