A collection of wonderful melodic ideas for improvising musicians

Treble Clef Licks

A collection of jazz licks over most common chord progressions for treble clef instruments. A number of licks are available for each key. Different keys feature different licks. All licks have been carefully checked for accuracy.

Bass Clef Licks

Hundreds and hundreds of licks for double bass and electric bass guitar in standard notation. Some of the licks were originally played on a different musical instrument like piano or guitar, which brings a new color to bass soloing. All licks are adjusted to bass guitar range.

Guitar Tablatures

Treble clef licks adapted for guitar. Some new genuine lines have been added to this database. All licks are written out in standard notation and supplied with convenient fingering for 6-string guitar tuning.

Walking Bass Lines

A small but growing collection of nice walking bass lines (108 pieces currently) to give you a couple of fresh ideas for the accompaniment.